Reparations Now!

Q. From whom are we asking for Reparations?
A: All those countries and peoples who we can prove unjustly benefited from carrying on slavery and other forms of unjust exploitation will be asked to make Reparations to those who suffered.

Q. Have we got any authentic evidence on which we can base that claim?
A: There exists evidence in writing, letters, bills of sale, in some cases details such as the names of slave ships, buyers and sellers. There is of course the existence of artifacts taken away from the colonies now in the metropolitan countries and other bits of evidence from which the claims can be made out. But we are also working on further substantiating these claims. And there is still a lot of work to be done.

Q. Is there any precedent?
A: There is a list of precedents to this type of claim. Let us mention a few: The State of Israel receives millions every year from Germany as Reparations for the suffering of Jews under the Nazi oppression during the holocaust. The Koreans received Reparations from the Japanese for the cruelties perpetrated upon them. There is in fact still a claim outstanding with regard to Korea's "Comfort Women". The Indians received compensation from the United States. And Iraq was ordered to pay Reparation to Kuwait, the richest country on earth, for damages. There are others.

Q. Are we asking for money?
A: This claim goes far beyond a request for payment in monetary terms. We cannot evaluate the price of hundreds of thousands of lives and even more for human dehumanization, shame and suffering. We are asking for an acknowledgement by those enriched from slavery and colonialism of their guilt in this respect, a confession of their complicity, an
apology, and the natural consequences of all these include monetary compensation.

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