Nyahbinghi Guidelines

The Fire Key

The Fire Key is Iighted with the reciting of seven Psalms:
(1) Psalms 68,
(2) Psalms 2,
(3) Psalms 83,
(4) Psalms 94,
(5) Psalms 20,
(6) Psalms 11,
(7) Psalms 9

It is the duty of every brethren to prepare wood for this fire which is a consuming fire for all evil doers irrespective of color, race or creed. No garbage, waste or refuse should be thrown in the Nyahbinghi fire.

The fire should burn unceasingly during the days of the Nyahbinghi. The fire must not be disturbed, no food should be cooked or roasted on this fire at any time.

Both sons and daughters can gather around this fire for warmth or to pour out the judgment on mystery Babylon.



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