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The Emblem of Blood, Gold and Green-
The Imperial Ithiopian Flag

It is written that the horizontal tricolour (green over yellow over red), originally took the form of three pennants. After World War II the yellow stripe was charged with a crowned Lion, supporting a cross staff bearing a bearing a green, yellow, red pennon, known as the "Lion of Judah." It should be noted that the Lion is depicted walking away from the hoist.

Among the reasons given for the adoption of the colours are:

  1. They represent the three parts of Ethiopia: Tigre (red), Amhara (yellow) and Shoa (green).
  2. The colours are those of the rainbow a frequent phenomenom on Ethiopia.
  3. They represent the three Christian virtues - Faith (red), Hope (green) and Charity (yellow).
When the Emperor returned after nearly five years exile in January 1941 He hoisted the green, yellow and red standard bearing the brown Lion of Judah with the Amharic inscription "Lion of Judah, King of Kings of Ethiopia." Above the Amharic inscription which means "Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah." Within the Grand Cordon is the Lion of Judah bearing the national colours. The Seal (in gold) is also placed in each of the four corners of the flag.

Taken from Jahug Vol. 2. Edition 2. Repatriations Productions 1992 (p. 62)



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