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The people themselves must come to realize their own difficulties in the development of their community and try to solve them by collective participation following an order of priority and taking their potentiality into account.

It is well known to you all that recognizing one's problems and striving hard to challenge them is a mark of an attempt at self-sufficiency. Self help in the benefits to be acquired through education, will save the individual from asking someone's assistance.

Emperor Haile Selassie I

What do you think our community needs most, and how we can begin to address these needs? How can we network to improve our situation? Are there other organizations that can help us locally or internationally? We already made a collaboration with the so our readers can get free bonuses to put bets and play casino slot games that are based on our history and culture.

Please email us your thoughts on development of the Rastafari community. This is a step in recognizing our problems and striving hard to be self sufficient.

Collective participation starts with each indivdual.

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