Nyahbinghi Guidelines

The Nyahbinghi Groun'ation

No flesh should be cooked on any Nyahbinghi grounds, as well as the use of alcohol, cigarettes and drugs, sexual intercourse is strictly forbidden and self discipline must be maintained.

Strangers are not permitted to the use of cameras unless authorized by the House.

Everyone must be properly attired. All heads of females must be covered and the wearing of pants as well as revealing garments are forbidden. All men must uncover their heads at Nyahbinghi.

The Nyahbinghi grounds consist of a Tabernacle, Lion quarters, Lioness quarters, store room where food is provided for all at no cost, sanitary conveniences for both male and female.

Workshop for art and crafts and school for the youths are vital structures on a Nyahbinghi center.

If a person is afflicted with any form of contagious disease, he or she is not permitted to be among the congregation.



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