Nyahbinghi Guidelines

The Nyahbinghi Harps

The Nyahbinghi drums are played only by capable Rastafari brethrens during the hour of chanting. A bald head or non Rastafarian is not permitted to play the drums.

Rings must be removed from the fingers of any such player of drums, namely the Fundeh and Repeater so as to protect the skins of the drums.

Players of instruments must be on one accord at all times ensuring perfect harmony.

The three types of drums are: (1) The Bass, (2) The Fundeh, (3) Repeater (Keteh)

The Bass carries the two beat or heart beat 1,2 in accord with the Fundeh, that says "Do Good" or 1,2. The Repeater repeats the notes in accordance with the Bass and Fundeh.




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