Nyahbinghi Guidelines

The Nyahbinghi I-lebrations

The Nyahbinghi Order in Jamaica celebrates for 7 days and nights the following events:
1. 7th of January- Ethiopian Nativity of Christ
2. 21st of April - Visit of H.I.M. to Jamaica, 1966
3. 25th of May - All African Liberation Day
4. 23rd of July - Birth of HAILE SELLASSIE I, 1892
5. 11th of September - Ethiopian New Year
6. 2nd of November - H.I.M.Emperor Haile Selasie I' s Coronation, 1930

These days are revered as Hola days and are free from commercial activities.

Other celebrations honored by the House will take the form of public programs in Parks or Community Centres. These include:

The Nyahbinghi Order also participates in lectures on Rastafari in colleges, schools, universities, television and radio programs in its aim of spreading the message to the four corners of the earth. Participants in these Educational programs are chosen by the house to ensure that the right information is disseminated.


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