Raparations, Redemption and the New World Order

A paper prepared for the 3rd International Rastafari Gathering, St. Croix. V.1. August 10-17 1997.

by Ras Bongo Spear

All glory be to the Almighty Creator, and Omnipotent one, the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Conquering Lion of Judah, Power of the Holy Trinity, H.I.M Emperor Haile Selassie I.

In the words of Profesor Chinweizu at the second Plenary Session of the First Pan-African Conference on Reparations, Abuja, Nigeria, 1993104/27; "contemplating the condition of the Black World is vexatious to the spirit: that is probably the strongest impetus which has
brought us all here today".

For my part, I am a Rastafari I-dren who has livicated my life to strive for the fundamental recognition of Universal Human Rights and Justice for the International Rastafari Community. Much of my work is thus concerned with procedures for redress of the manifold injustices perpetuated against the Black Race and Rastafari nation in particular by the white race and colonial systems.

To make sure the plight of Africans at home and abroad does not remain so in the 21st century is perhaps the overall purpose of I an I search for redemption through repatriation and reparations. In this manner I an I are gathered here today, a Hola Priesthood, I-vine warriors, thinkers, and activists who want to change Black People's condition in the world.

Let us therefore briefly consider the source and legacy of this most massive and abominable crime against humanity, the African Holocaust commonly referred to as slavery and the process of liberation culminating in the establishment of Rastafari movement in the 1930's.




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