Reparations Now!

The Reparations Movement seeks to identify the damage and destruction done to Africa and Africans by Europe through 400 years of slavery, and to obtain redress, repair, and compensation...

Q. What is Reparations about?
A: There is an abundance of proof that Africa was the cradle of civilization. Centuries before the birth of Christ, the stories of the Queen of Sheba and her visits to King Solomon, with an organized retinue and also the architectural wonders of the pyramids are clear evidences of the height to which African civilization had reached. Further, the ancient kingdoms of Africa like those of Songhai, Benin, Ghana and others were highly organized and even the ancient universities like Timbuktu existed. At this time Europe was very underdeveloped and America had not even been discovered. This development of Africa was interrupted some time around the 14th century by the heinous institution of slavery. This slavery robbed Africa of her best and strongest men, women and children who were put in chains and were exported like goods and chattel - like goats and pigs to the Islands of the Caribbean, United States, Brazil and elsewhere. These slaves worked under very hard conditions, planting sugar cane and cotton for their masters enrichment, and this prevented for centuries the development of their own countries in Africa. The results of their work as slaves was to enrich the countries of their masters. Those countries became rich and developed, while Africa, the home of the slaves, remained poor.

Reparations, which comes from the word 'repair' is a Movement which seeks to identify and redress those wrongs, so that the countries and people that suffered will enjoy full freedom to continue their own development on more equal terms.


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