Nyahbinghi Guidelines

The Sanctification of Children

When a child is brought to the Issemble for Sanctification, the Priest or Elders of the House are notified and the hour chosen for such Sanctification.

The mother and father of the child will stand together with the child, while the priest reads from the holy Scipture, passages pertaining to the occasion.

Namely: 1st Book of Samuel Chapter 1- Birth of Samuel
Judges Chapter 15- Birth of Samson
Psalms 127

As the parents of these children of the Bible vowed that they be dreadlocks from the womb, so do the parents of the child to be sanctified.

After the reading of the Scriptures, the parents then give the child and his/her name to the Priest while the Elders of the House gather around the Holy Alter of the Tabernacle. At this time Nyahbinghi Choir breaks into solemns chants.

1 "The Mothers of Salem"
2 "Little Children"
3 " Clap your Tiny Hands"
4 "JAH got the Whole World"

As these solemn chants continue, the priest makes known the name of the child to the congregation and he/she is passed from one elder to another who momentarily recites prayers unto the Most High JAH Rastafari Emperor Haile Selassie I, for the guidance and blessing of the child.

After all the elders prepared for the occasion, accomplish the prayers and benediction, then "Jah mothers and fathers" would identify themselves at the request of the priest.

When there is more than one child to be sanctified, the sons are done followed by the daughters. Here then another child is offered up unto the Most High and all the congregation ask for his/her guidance and blessing henceforth and for Ivermore.

After a period of three months the Nyahbinghi son is able to attend his first issemble to be offered up to the Most High JAH Rastafari. The Nyahbinghi daughter is brought in during or after the first four months of infancy.

Both mother and the child should attend the issemble, as at this time, parents vow to grow their children in the Order of JAH Rastafari.

The Nyahbinghi Priests as well as the congregation offer prayers and chants for the eternal guidance of the children and at this time. "Jah mother and father" are chosen to help along with the upbringing of the children.

If, after the sanctification of such children, parents should cut their locks then they would have broken the Oath of Sanctification and shall answer to the Most High.

Rastafari sons and daughters must not grow their children as non-Rastafarians as they will be held guilty of such wrong doing. If after 18 years or when the child leaves the family home, he/she departs from its covenant, then the judgment will not rest with the parents but upon his or her own shoulders.



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